GeoModeling d.o.o. is a renowned company that integrates specialized knowledge and extensive professional experience in the fields of geodesy, architecture and geoinformatics professions, in the domain of small and medium-sized projects, in order to provide users with the highest technological and professional level of performance within the given deadlines, meet their expectations and realize added value.

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We provide services in the professional areas of measurement, data collection and processing and preparation of all types of geodetic studies, designing in architecture, and design and implementation of spatial data management systems in geoinformatics.


We collect and process spatial data of all types and for all purposes, prepare geodetic studies, state land surveys, official maps and perform works in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing.


We provide architectural designs for residential buildings, public and social buildings, commercial buildings, and hospitality and tourism buildings.


We specialize in all types of IT projects with a spatial component, ranging from collection and processing to data and project management, based on Bentley and Terrasolid technology platforms.


Bentley Systems' vision is to deliver comprehensive and integrated software solutions to support the design and management of all types of infrastructure used by professionals and organizations worldwide, for the design, construction and management of: roads and bridges, railways and transport, water supply and drainage, public works and utility services, buildings and complex structures, mining and industrial facilities. In addition to the delivery of software solutions, the entire offer is enhanced with extremely valuable consulting services in a wide range of professional disciplines and various areas of design, high-quality and user-friendly training and continuous technical support.


TerraSolid is the industry leader for software solutions for point cloud processing and measurement photograph, specially developed for the most demanding geospatial, engineering and construction projects, as well as environmental protection projects. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the application of photogrammetry and remote sensing methods, and more than 20 years in the domain of laser scanning LiDAR data processing. Software solutions include comprehensive tools that enable the creation of 3D models of terrain, surfaces and objects, automated procedures for detection, classification and detection of objects from photographs and point clouds, creation of orthophoto plans and maps, terrain visualization and advanced point cloud visualizations, as well as other products.


We offer consulting services in the design, processing and management of data in order to build a comprehensive and efficient work system with the help of advanced technological support and continuously support you in your work.


We are by your side during the entire implementation process, we transfer knowledge, provide support and achieve the goals set together.


We provide user-friendly training and advanced expertise in order to provide quality support to your business processes and contribute to product quality.


Continuous quality support in all situations, consulting in operational work and joint tackling of all challenges that stand on the way to success.


Here you can find all relevant information about new cadastral land surveys as part of cadaster and land register update projects, which are implemented by GeoModeling d.o.o., for the areas of cadastral municipalities.